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Remembering Fay

March 29, 2020 5:08 PM

Fay Howison

Fay was the centre of our local party. Even the oldest members of our group say they cannot remember how long Fay had been a member because she was always there. She served on the committee for many years and latterly was our honorary President. That was a role she could easily have gracefully retired into - but not Fay! She continued to take a thoroughly active role from her chair in the Old School and gave us much valued advice as well as still stuffing envelopes and writing letters, always with Dan by her side. Fay was meticulous in the records she kept of our campaigning at elections and her memory was second to none She had her finger firmly on the pulse and guided us accordingly. Her artistic talents were used for years in the production of the local Focus leaflets. She was a trusty proof reader making sure that everything was of the highest standard. There was no place for sloppy grammar. She organised fundraising tirelessly especially, with Dan, the Bank Holiday Monday Stalls at Exton Street Market. For all of this and much more we were delighted when her local efforts were nationally recognised in 2016 by the National Party in presenting Fay with the Harriet Smith Award - an annual Award for someone who deserves recognition for their hard work, long service, and demonstrable dedication to the party and for whom public recognition is long overdue.

How shall we remember Fay?

Certainly as a Friend. Many testify to the support Fay gave them in times of personal sadness and crisis as well as to her sharing of success and happiness. Fay ensured that we were a friendly party. It wasn't just a political party that canvassed, stuffed envelopes and knocked on doors but one that partied and made everyone welcome. As our honorary President she wrote a personal letter to every new member, welcoming them and ensuring that they knew they were joining a group where everyone was valued.

We shall remember Fay's total Faithfulness to us as a local party and to the national party in good times and bad. When things did not go well, Fay did not give up, she might have despaired but she always had faith in her principles and spurred us on to look forward. When we were shivering outside the Old School on a cold, wet Bank Holiday Monday, Fay kept us going with a welcome cup of coffee, assuring us that someone was going to come and pay a ridiculous sum for that ghastly ornament on the table in front of us.

However we shan't just remember the hard working, friendly Fay. We loved her for her Feistiness. Woe betide any councillor of another political persuasion who did not live up to the high standards expected or whose views clashed with her strongly held principles. She was a prolific letter writer to the local paper and would not hesitate to challenge, politely, anyone verbally. How we respected her for that quality!

But we shall, along with all of her Friendliness, Faithfulness and Feistiness, remember Fay for her FUN. Members have recalled the many social events Fay organised. The Victorian evening when Fay was resplendent as only Fay could be. There was the hilarity each year when, Tracy, the mannequin, came down from the attic to model clothes on Bank Holiday Mondays. Even stuffing envelopes on the kitchen table at Exton was fun with Fay in charge.

How grateful we are to have these memories of Fay, but of course they are inextricably bound with Dan who was always there. The perfect team. Thank you, Dan for sharing Fay with us.