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Do the 'Conservatives' want to turn us into an illiberal democracy?

December 1, 2019 7:56 AM

Dr Weaver and Dr Bennion MEP

by Parliamentary Candidate Dr Carol Weaver, author of 'The Politics of the Black Sea Region'

Hello! Today I'd like to talk to you about our democracy, which is not one of the best in the world (around 14th) but we need to ensure that we keep what we have after 12th BookDecember 2019 and not turn into an illiberal democracy or even a captured state such as some of those in the Black Sea Region.

The Conservatives seem to want to reduce much of our democracy (after a 'review') whilst the Liberal Democrats want to improve it. I hope you will not be fooled by the propaganda and disinformation against us by those who have vested interests. Please read p48 of the Conservative manifesto where they outline how they want Boris Johnson (or whoever they replace him with) to have more powers. They want to reduce the powers of the courts and the media and remove many of your rights. This involves changing our unwritten constitution which should not happen without a referendum.

As a former university teacher and an academic author, I know a lot about democracy in Europe, both liberal democracies and illiberal democracies, and how power is abused by the corrupt and those who want to capture states in countries such as Moldova. Do not think the same cannot happen here or in the United States.

So please keep reading.

A good democracy needs 'free and fair' elections and good checks and balances through separation of powers of the executive (government), the legislature (parliament) and the courts. It also needs freedom of speech and a free media and independent institutions. If one person or a regime can grab most of the power, for example if a PM or President is above the law, then it is no longer a true democracy. This will be the case if Boris Johnson has a majority for five years after the 12th December and is allowed to carry out his manifesto. It is already, in part, the case with the PM continuing to avoid the various investigations into him (for example Vote Leave, the Russia Report, Jennifer Arcuri).

The Conservatives, with their Dominic Cummings propaganda, are saying that Jo Swinson is not democratic because she has asked voters, through our manifesto, for permission to Revoke Article 50 notification and keep what has been the status quo for decades. This could only happen if she is given a democratic mandate by the people, otherwise Liberal Democrat policy is to hold a confirmatory referendum on any deal put forward. (Please note that a no deal Brexit is still the default and is likely to happen on the 31st January if the Conservatives have a majority.)

Going back to the 2016 referendum, this was advisory only, but the people were lied to in David Cameron's leaflet. This is what has caused the bitterness in our society. Those who want more power are playing at 'divide and rule'. They have divided us and now want to rule us. The referendum was also not 'free and fair' due to illegal overspend and the antics of Cambridge Analytica. Our courts have said they would have overturned the result if it had been a binding referendum, but it wasn't.

Because of all this many MPs of all parties in the last government wanted a People's Vote. This was thwarted and many honourable Conservative MPs either left their party, stood down, or were thrown out. Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks asked UKIP members to join the Conservatives and move it to the hard right. The Conservative brand has been taken over. The product is no longer the same. Moderate Conservatives are joining the Liberal Democrats on a daily basis.

I am Dr Carol Weaver, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Rutland and Melton. We want to improve our democracy. For example, we want proportional representation so that your vote counts without tactical voting. But in order to save our democracy now please vote for me in this election even if it is a tactical vote. (We are supported by Tactical Voting sites from Best for Britain and People's Vote). The same applies in other constituencies where Boris Johnson can be stopped.

He and 'Vote Leave' want to 'take back control'

  • From the EU which includes your elected representatives

  • From our parliament which includes your elected representative

  • From our learned courts

  • From our open media (though much of it backs him)

  • From our monarchy (the royal prerogative)

  • From you

Let's #StopBoris having all the control on 12th December or it might be too late!

More reading / evidence:

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